984.23     0.21 (0.02%)
983.36 - 984.81
Market closing in:
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  • NFL 984.23 +0.21 (+0.02%)
  • MLB 1,132.68 -1.29 (-0.11%)
  • NCAA FB 1,014.63 +0.24 (+0.02%)
  • NASCAR 1,021.10 +0.50 (+0.05%)
  • BARAV 16.80 +0.25 (+1.51%)
  • MNVIK 44.20 -0.30 (-0.67%)
  • NEPAT 51.30 +0.25 (+0.49%)
  • AZCAR 69.66 -0.30 (-0.43%)
  • SESEA 48.70 +0.15 (+0.31%)

We know, it's been a long time coming, but just wanted to let you all know that, after a ton of development ...


Fantasy Football Meets the Stock Market

Fantasy Football is a great pastime for millions of fans. It has now been enhanced by the creation of SportStocks.com. There are a great number of football fans who enjoy the challenge of the game, and who are also driven by the success of investment opportunities. Sport Stocks satisfies both of those interests. Do you have what it takes to put together a winning football portfolio? SportStocks.com gives you a great way to find out.

Just as in other fantasy games, fantasy football places you right on the fifty-yard line as the coach, as well as in the managerial offices as the general manager. You pick who you think are the best teams in the NFL, and they compete for your success. The stocks trade throughout the entire year, so you get to start investing way before the season actually begins! The on-field performances of your teams drive up the value of your Sport Stocks portfolio and overall success.

If you are concerned about your sports knowledge, or lack thereof, don't be. We make sure that you have all the tools you need to succeed. These tools include the latest headlines, schedules, scores, stats, and stock information. You can even check out live, play-by-play action for every game. Click on the team you want to watch, and if the game is being played, it will show up right there on the team page (underneath the stock graph).

Remember to think long term. If your team goes through a dry spell, it may not last. Dividends are based on long-term success. As your team progresses, you are closer to increasing your portfolio. As your teams become eligible for bowl games and play offs, the dividends start to roll in. Just as in the real stock market, it is the long-term performance that really matters.