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1,019.89 - 1,022.16
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  • NFL 984.23 +0.21 (+0.02%)
  • MLB 1,132.68 -1.29 (-0.11%)
  • NCAA FB 1,014.63 +0.24 (+0.02%)
  • NASCAR 1,021.10 +0.50 (+0.05%)
  • PATR-NCR 10.81 +0.20 (+1.89%)
  • STEN-NCR 15.40 +0.25 (+1.65%)
  • BIFF-NCR 11.55 -0.10 (-0.86%)
  • ALMI-NCR 19.05 +0.15 (+0.79%)
  • DILL-NCR 21.11 -0.15 (-0.71%)

We know, it's been a long time coming, but just wanted to let you all know that, after a ton of development ...


Investors ... Start Your Engines

Rev up your engines and prepare to accelerate into a combined world of sports and finances, as you become a driver of SportStock.com's Fantasy NASCAR racing. It works like most other fantasy sports…you create leagues to play against your friends or just simply play against the masses by buying and selling your favorite drivers. You compete all season long with others, using an exchange stock system based on the real-life performance of your drivers. The difference with Sport Stocks, is that you purchase stock in the team and build a financial portfolio. The higher the increase in your stock portfolio, the closer you are to winning prizes….and bragging rights of course.

The scoring system is primarily based on where your selected drivers finish. It is the combination of these scores that make up the total of your fantasy NASCAR stock racing portfolio. The portfolios with the highest gains at the end of the season wins, and your portfolio grows if you've made wise investments. Unlike other fantasy sports, Sport Stocks combines the competition of sporting events with the investment of stocks in the drivers. The object is to achieve the greatest increase in the your stock portfolio. You earn dividends based on the performance of the drivers in whom you have invested stock, just like in the real-world stock market.

You don't need to be a racing expert to be successful, but it helps to study the statistics of various racing teams and individual drivers. This, combined with your financial savvy can make you a winner, with many prizes being awarded to those successful stock investing sports enthusiasts. The great part is that you never invest a dime of real money.