1,132.68     -1.29 (-0.11%)
1,132.17 - 1,134.31
Market closing in:
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  • NFL 984.23 +0.21 (+0.02%)
  • MLB 1,132.68 -1.29 (-0.11%)
  • NCAA FB 1,014.63 +0.24 (+0.02%)
  • NASCAR 1,021.10 +0.50 (+0.05%)
  • PHPHL 10.06 +0.20 (+2.03%)
  • MIMAR 10.50 +0.15 (+1.45%)
  • SDPAD 13.90 -0.15 (-1.07%)
  • TBRAY 14.80 -0.15 (-1.00%)
  • MIBRW 15.11 +0.15 (+1.00%)

We know, it's been a long time coming, but just wanted to let you all know that, after a ton of development ...


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